Payment Options - Rate We are an Electrical Company from Tikamgarh-MP. We

We are an Electrical Company from Tikamgarh-MP. We would like to place an advertisement in your classified section of Dainik Jagran. Can we know the recommended days because we want quick and as many responses as possible. Kindly send us your complete details with discounted rate.


We would like to inform you that Dainik Jagran is not circulated in any city of Madhya Pardesh, but you can visit the following link: to review the newspapers circulated in MP. You can also view all the ad rates and discount packages available on our site associated with the newspapers of your site. 

Most newspapers do not have any specific focus days for Business ads but Times Of India Business ads receive maximum responses on Tuesdays and in case of Hindustan Times, the focus days are Mondays & Thusrdays.

You can clear your payments via our online payment options that include Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking or Offline mediums such as Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer). 

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