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I would like to give an ad for name change in Hindu. At present I am in Canada and I have the affidavit produced in Canada...Is it enough to give the ad in India? Please let me know if any other documents are required.


To announce a change of name in Hindu, please visit the following link: On this page you can review all the ad rates and discount packages available under the announcement category in Hindu.

You need to produce a legal affidavit before booking a name change advert. If you are placing an ad in India and your affidavit is created in Canada or any other country and you are residing at the same place, the document is sufficient for publishing your name change announcement in Hindu. No other document is necessary for the ad you need to publish.

Also keep in mind that you must confirm your release dates and clear all your payments 2-3 days prior to the day you want your ad to appear in the newspaper.

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