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I would like to give an ad in the Wednesday Opportunities and Sunday edition of Hindu newspaper. Please let me know the charges. I am running a small IT company.


Please be informed that the Wednesday opportunities pullout of Hindu, publishes only Display ads. But you can book a classified ad in the Sunday edition of Hindu, under the recruitment category from the following link: http://hindu.releasemyad.com/rates/recruitment. Just choose the location or combo or insertion offers for booking simple text ads. You can move towards composing your ad from here on with the help of our sample ads and ad enhancers.

Should you like to book a display ad in the Opportunities pull out of Hindu, please visit the following link: http://hindu.releasemyad.com/display-ad/opportunities and specify the ad size to get the exact ad rates for different locations.

Please do keep in mind that you must book your ad 2-3 days before the intended release date and clear all the payments at the same time.

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