Advertise your exhibitions and town's upcoming events in the City pull out of Hindustan Times. HT City offers great packages and discounts for publishing display ads designed as according to your wish.

I am interested in putting an ad in HT City paper for an exhibition... I have the matter ready. Kindly let me know the cost of the format and on which date can you print this ad?


Please be informed that HT City is the city pullout of Hindustan Times and publishes only Display ads. These ads are charged on the basis of per of space taken on a particular page. The charges may also vary according to page preference.

Should you like to proceed with your ad booking, please visit the following link: and specify the ad size to review the rates as per the editions.

As soon as you are done with composing your ad, choose your payment option from our online [Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking] or offline [Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer)] payment methods.

 You have to complete booking your ad and clear all your payments at least 2-3 days before the release dates. 

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