Hindu Newspaper Classified Advertisement Rate Card (2020)
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Classified AD RATES

Location Circulation Ad Rates starting from
Allahabad 10,000 ( Copies) Rs. 875 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Bangalore 170,108 ( Copies) Rs. 215 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Chennai 372,334 ( Copies) Rs. 240 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Coimbatore 68,045 ( Copies) Rs. 640 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Delhi 87,661 ( Copies) Rs. 266 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Delhi 87,661 ( Copies) Rs. 265 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Hyderabad 159,854 ( Copies) Rs. 330 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Hyderabad City 159,854 ( Copies) Rs. 380 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Kochi 46,372 ( Copies) Rs. 180 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Madurai 21,041 ( Copies) Rs. 350 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Mangalore 6,479 ( Copies) Rs. 195 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Mysore 5,769 ( Copies) Rs. 215 / 2 Lines DETAILS
NA/ SA/ Pondy 10,994 ( Copies) Rs. 200 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Trichy 19,270 ( Copies) Rs. 350 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Trivandrum 39,775 ( Copies) Rs. 400 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Vijayawada 23,665 ( Copies) Rs. 195 / 2 Lines DETAILS
Visakhapatnam 42,228 ( Copies) Rs. 200 / 2 Lines DETAILS

Recently Asked Questions


How are Hindu Classified ads priced?


The Charging of The Hindu classified Ad is done as follows:-

  1. Classified Text ads are charged on the basis of number of lines. The minimum rate is prescribed for a 2 lines advertisement and further nominal charges are added per extra line.Any highlighting feature like tick, border, bold etc as well as publishing in colour can be availed to enhance ad visibility for a reasonable added cost.
  2. Classified Display ads are charged on the basis of per square cm of space. The minimum space for this type of ad in The Hindu is 3.5x4 cm square and a minimal added cost per extra square cm used. Publishing in colour will increase your ad cost by a slight 10%.
  3. You can also frequently avail further offers and discounts for classified advertisement in The Hindu.

The Hindu Classified Advertising is the most reliable and cost effective way to promote your product or service and help your business grow. It is a common misconception amongst the public that newspaper advertising is an extremely costly affair suitable for only large scale industries and high end brands. This ofcourse is not true as booking your text or display advertisement in the classifieds section of The Hindu is unbelievably affordable and at the same time highly effective.

The pricing varies according to location and ad type of course but with releaseMyAd’s experience and rate negotiation expertise in newspaper advertising alongwith The Hindu’s wide outreach  you can rest assured that you are getting the maximum worth out of your money.

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