Hindu Newspaper Display Advertisement Rate Card (2020)
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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Ad Rates starting from
Vizag 8 L ( Copies) Rs. 565 / sqcm
Chennai 4 L ( Copies) Rs. 5715 / sqcm
Karnataka 2 L ( Copies) Rs. 1840 / sqcm
Andhra Pradesh 2 L ( Copies) Rs. 1130 / sqcm
Kerala 2 L ( Copies) Rs. 1325 / sqcm
Bangalore 2 L ( Copies) Rs. 1395 / sqcm
Hyderabad 2 L ( Copies) Rs. 1145 / sqcm
Hyderabad City 2 L ( Copies) Rs. 1145 / sqcm
Mumbai 1 L ( Copies) Rs. 485 / sqcm
Delhi 88 K ( Copies) Rs. 765 / sqcm
Coimbatore 68 K ( Copies) Rs. 1055 / sqcm
Kochi 46 K ( Copies) Rs. 400 / sqcm
Trivandrum 40 K ( Copies) Rs. 460 / sqcm
Vijayawada 24 K ( Copies) Rs. 565 / sqcm
Madurai 21 K ( Copies) Rs. 515 / sqcm
Hubli 19 K ( Copies) Rs. 1840 / sqcm
Trichy 19 K ( Copies) Rs. 370 / sqcm
Kozhikode 12 K ( Copies) Rs. 170 / sqcm
NA/ SA/ Pondy 10 K ( Copies) Rs. 280 / sqcm
Mangalore 6 K ( Copies) Rs. 150 / sqcm
Kolkata 5 K ( Copies) Rs. 230 / sqcm

Recently Asked Questions


How are Hindu Display ads priced?


The Charging of The Hindu Display Ad is done as follows:-

  1. Display Ads are charged on the basis of space utilised in terms of square cm. The rate card for each edition or pullout specifies cost per square cm. There is a minimum ad size requirement for display ads which varies according to the location and pullout chosen.However you can enjoy attractive discount packages for multiple location ad booking.
  2. A nominal added charge is levied if you choose the colour format instead of black and white .
  3. There is a plethora of choices for size , format and page selection when you choose to advertise with The Hindu. The ad cost is therefore decided depending on whether you opt for a front, back or third page ; choose half, full or quarter page size ;  or prefer innovative formats like Skybus, Banner or Jacketed.

You can also avail guidance and expert opinion while composing your display ad by our In-house designers but  there’s  No added cost!

There is no better medium than The Hindu Display Advertisement to make your organisation,  brand  or product stand out in the highly competitive market. Elaborate in designing and larger in space utilisation than the average classified ad, display ad types are slightly higher on ad costs but at the same time greatly effective in garnering reader attention.Therefore, they are ideal ad channels for medium &  large enterprises and high end brands.

The pricing for Hindu Display ads varies as per location and also choice of pullout but with releaseMyAd’s experience and rate negotiation expertise in newspaper advertising alongwith The Hindu’s wide outreach  you can rest assured that you are getting the maximum worth out of your money.

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